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Benefits of Thermal Electric Cooling System:

Thermal electric (also referred to as semiconductor) wine cellars do not use a compressor and therefore create minimal noise and vibration. Besides being extremely quiet, the lack of vibration will prevent bubbles from forming in stored wine. In addition, thermoelectric units have no moving parts and therefore offer high reliability and low maintenance while precisely maintaining the ideal pre-set temperature for keeping wine. Thermoelectric technology is also environmentally friendly as no damaging CFC, HCFC or HFC type refrigerants are involved in the cooling process.

Minimum number of moving parts results in increased reliability and little maintenance.
Minimal vibration reduces overall noise and is very significant to the storage of wine.
Low noise levels makes it ideal for use in motel/hotel room, family and bedroom. A minimum of 20% quieter than compressor models.

Equal storage capacity but in smaller cabinet foot print.
Environmentally friendly. No gaseous refrigerant issues to be concerned with such as disposal at the product's life cycle.
Use of temperature controls insure more accurate and stable temperatures.
Decreased overall product weigh makes for easy portability.