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For forty years, SUMMIT Appliance has built its name on quality, innovation, and reliability. We're just getting started

About Summit Appliance

Felix Storch, Inc. was founded in 1969 and has been a leading supplier of compact, specialty, commercial, and medical refrigerators and freezers ever since. In our first year, we trademarked the SUMMIT® brand name to guarantee quality at the highest level. We began our distribution in Long Island City, New York, before moving to the Bronx in 1983, where our headquarters are now located at 770 Garrison Avenue. Due to continued growth, we recently acquired a state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Edison, New Jersey, bringing our total property for product development, manufacturing, and warehousing to over 200,000 square feet. Our products now include a wide range of major appliances sold both nationally and internationally. We proudly deliver to the Northeastern United States using our own SUMMIT trucks. Despite our expansion, we remain a private, family-owned business with no outside investors.

Something For Everyone

Today, we carry over 600 models of specialty refrigerators and freezers, including the largest range of fully automatic defrost compacts available on the market. Additionally, our product line consists of ranges, microwave ovens, cooktops, combination kitchens, washers and dryers, beer dispensers, wine cellars, and more. With our expanding line of built-in and freestanding units, SUMMIT serves a variety of household, commercial, and scientific markets. Specialized compact products for offices, schools, and food service establishments, refrigerators and freezers for medical and laboratory storage, minibars for hotels, and the industry's largest selection of weather-proof outdoor refrigerators are just a few of the items you can find in our always expanding catalog.

What Makes Us Different

From innovative design to superior construction, SUMMIT products embody quality from the inside out. Our models can be modified to meet specific customer needs, whether that means adding brass finishes to a beer dispenser for a dramatic look or installing digital controls on laboratory coolers for user flexibility. We offer a full range in style and size that includes our unique thin-line models, designed to fit in those commonly found but hard-to-fill narrow spaces. We have one of the industry's largest collection of ADA compliant appliances and proudly manufacture a dozen models of ENERGY STAR listed products.

Inspiration At Home

SUMMIT takes pride in its homegrown workforce and strives to keep much of its production in-house and in the USA. In 2007, SUMMIT matched a $248,000 grant from the NYC Department of Small Business with $300,000 of its own investment to provide specialized training to its employees. Seventy-five members of the SUMMIT team completed a year-long course in subjects such as quality control, customer service, packaging, lean manufacturing, assembly, safety and warehousing. In light of its success for both SUMMIT and New York, the program was renewed for 2009, with an expanded curriculum that adds instruction in ESL and mathematics.

Innovation At Every Step

Nothing goes into a SUMMIT box before we've thought outside it. Take, for example, our most recently trademarked products that bring beer storage to new levels--literally. Our COLD CAVERN™ beer froster chills beer just above the freezing point while our new PUB CELLAR™ keeps ales at a warmer temperature for connoisseurs with more European tastes. Wine enthusiasts can enjoy our latest stainless steel wine cellar that simultaneously chills bottles of white while preserving red with a thoughtful dual thermostat. We continue to advance refrigeration with expanded use of auto-defrost technology and size innovation.

The Future Is Now

Our product development is continuously evolving to serve the community with care. Many of our newest pieces offer environmentally friendly solutions without sacrificing performance, such as our exclusive line of built-in induction cooktops that require half the time and energy used by gas and electric ranges. We now provide the option of adding energy saving self-closing doors to our compacts. In 2010, our line will expand to include even more ENERGY STAR compact units. Since many of our appliances are used for medical and scientific purposes, we pay special attention to answering laboratory needs with our most reliable technology and design. For example, our new MED series of vaccine refrigerators and freezers are specially designed to protect cooler contents by stabilizing interior temperature with more precision than previously available units. While we continue to take pride in our proven models, we will never stop creating innovative upgrades and improvements that benefit our consumers in the best possible way.

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